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Need An Angel


Welcome to Our AWC Food Pantry, which is a privately supported system for our congregation and the communities of Dallas County. OUR MISSION is to give a helping hand to families that are in need of food assistance. We do not give money or financial obligations (for Bills, Car Payments, Mortgages, etc.)


In Compliance with COVID-19, we only offer online application services. 


 The Online Pantry our goals are to serve families that are in "need" due to financial, medical, and transitional difficulties. An online food selection application must be made by the applicant with proper ID, and a utility bill is required at pickup. Menus are subject to be changed.




Pantry applicants are welcome to 12 distributions in a calendar year. Only one (1) application per household is accepted. Pantry pick-up time is normally on the 1st Saturday of the month - time (TBA) is normally provided with a follow-up email. We look forward in serving you!



-Thank you,

AWC Staff

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