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Graphic Design/Illustration/Audio Sound Engineering Ministry


     This Ministry allows you to use your talents to edify God. Team members should have some knowledge of a camera and video equipment. The ministry is responsible for product literature, advertisement and bulletin literature. Team members must be knowledgable on software CC Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, MS Word, and MS Publisher. GDI (Graphic Design Illustration) Art Ministry is responsible for powerpoint presentations. Also, overhead projection videos and immediate access to Bible literature is required.

     ASE (Audio Sound Engineering) is responsible for setting up the equipment as well as storing the equipment properly. It is imperative that our sound is pitch and functioning correctly. 

     Members are expected to work well with other members and always open to new ideas. The ministry might not be as visible to the church body, but it is expected to exhibit a positive attitude at all times. Early arrivals will be required for this ministry. Staging lighting will be a part of the ASE. 

    The professional visual setting gives a good first impression on the members and seekers. Musical gifts are welcome to our team, please provide us with your instrument preference and we will meet with you.





Join Our Ministry

Coordinator - Visual Arts - Bro. Keith Mitchell
Coordinator - Audio Sounds Engineering  - Bro. Kevin Mitchell Jr. 
Director of Music/Staff - Sis. Cathy Mitchell

Updated: 03/01/2019

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