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Hi Welcome to my page, I am Kevin and I am Math Major, presently studying  Accounting. I love numbers and can assist you in preparing for major test such as STAAR, Developmental Math & more. 

Math Tutor for All Ages

Need Help in Algebra, Physics, Geometry or Basic Math, my team can help.
We show you how to enjoy your Math Study Experiences. By using personalized study
 guides, students learn how to develop their understanding on the different concepts. With unique problem solving tools, students gain confidence in their learning and are able to master the fundamental of mathematics. Like most things, math uses patterns, and formulas and we will coach you on ways to bridge these connections. Creating a positive study habits, and making learning fun. Starting with the basics, then to more complexed problem-solving, its no longer a task. The bottom line, once you understand it, You Can Conquer It!

So, what you are waiting for....Contact me by clicking the button below, share what you need help in and we will go from there.     -Kevin 



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Rates Starting at $30/hour

Discover Math

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