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Our Hospitality Ministry


     This ministry will serve many needs of our church body. Members will provide assistance to the membership from helping the elderly out of their cars and to their seats, sharing a kind word and handshake with a visitor, working to bring order and structure to a service or helping in an emergency, so there are many valuable ways to serve in this ministry.  This ministry is a wonderful way to touch the lives of people. Pray that your part in the ministry will be effective and fruitful. Finally and importantly, the Hospitality Ministry is a vital part of our church. We have received God’s unconditional love, and, as a Believer in Christ we must extend that same unconditional love to others. 

Hospitality Hostess Ministry
This ministry is also a part of our Hospitality team, as a server, you will assist with distributing literature and welcome package to our 1st-time visitors. Members of the Hospitality Hostesses will also assist the Culinary Ministry in serving food to the membership and special events. 
Hospitality Ministry Officers
Greeters (President) - Bro. Charles Gray
Ushers (President)- 
Hostesses (President) - 
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