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2019--Anointed Word Church Community--Craft Fair Vendor’s Rules and Guidelines


1. CRAFT FAIR DATE AND HOURS: Saturday, May 4, 2019, from 9 a.m. –2 p.m. All vendors are required to stay until the end of the fair. 


2.  SET-UP: All vendors will start setting up by 8:00 A. M.  Vendor booths should be ready by 9:00 am. 


3. CHECK-IN: Vendors will start checking in at 7:50 A.M. After check-in, vendors may start setting up their display.  Limited help for unloading will be available.  Bring your 2-wheelers, flatbeds, dollies.


4. PARKING: Vendors should park and unload in the back of the church. (Back parking lot- Family Life Center-lower level) and then move the vehicle to the front parking lot to make room for customers.   


5. CANCELLATIONS: No refunds for cancellations.  


6. NO SHOWS:  If vendors are not present by 8:30 A. M., space will be offered to other vendors on the waiting list, and the vendor will forfeit their booth fees. 


7. EQUIPMENT NEEDS: Vendors will receive one table and two chairs and should bring all other supplies needed for their display, including 3-prong extension cords, tablecloths, etc. Round tables ($70), and rectangular tables are $75.00 (Space: 8 x 10). Table smaller area: $65.  All tables must be covered appropriately by the vendor. Please keep all supplies and additional inventory under the table.  


8. CHECK OUT: Vendors must close their booths and start removing items by 2:15 pm.  


9. CLEAN UP: Vendors will ensure that their area is clean and orderly before leaving. 


10. BOOTH AREA: Please be respectful of your neighbor’s booth area by eliminating unnecessary clutter.


11. SHARING SPACE: Vendors cannot share or sell any of their space without approval.  


12. MERCHANDISE: Only items listed on a vendor’s original application may be sold. No offensive material



13. DISPLAY /BOOTH RESTRICTIONS: Display materials cannot be nailed or bolted to the floors, attached to walls or ceilings. Please limit the use of tape, especially Duck tape, on any painted surface. If possible, please command strips or scotch tape.  Smoking is not allowed inside the building or on the parking lot.   


14. NO CASH FOR CHANGE IS AVAILABLE: Each vendor is responsible for his/her own money and making

the change.   


15. FOOD/DRINK: No alcoholic beverages allowed in the building or on the parking lot.  


16. HOSPITALITY: Continental Breakfast and a light lunch will be provided for vendors.



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